7 fabulosas recetas con aceites esenciales para el verano

7 Fabulous Essential Oil Recipes for Summer

summer inspired essential oil recipes

The sun is out, it’s hot as can be, and all you dream about is cooling off in the lake. I know exactly how you feel! Even though the temperatures are climbing, you don’t have to neglect your aromatherapy skills. Enter: essential oil recipes for summer!

I’ve hand-picked 7 of the best essential oil recipes you’ll want to enjoy this summer. They’re easy to make, heavenly to enjoy, and best of all: these recipe creations don’t melt in the heat.

Here are my tried and true handmade summer essential oil recipes:

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1. DIY After Sun Skin Care Lotion

after sun skin care lotion recipe

Doesn’t it seem like we’re always the least prepared, when we need it most?! I never have any after-sun products in the house when I so happen to enjoy a little bit too much outside time.

But, I always have essential oils and supplies on hand! So I’ve created this fantastically cooling, super soothing homemade after-sun skin care lotion. Try it! It soothes itchy, red skin that’s irritated from too much sunshine. Using cooling ingredients like aloe vera and witch hazel, it’s a great nutritious treat for your skin!

After Sun Lotion Recipe

2. Lavender Hair Mask

essential oils hair mask

Along with too much sun on your skin, your hair may dry out with too much beach time. While we all enjoy the beachy hair look, there comes a time when it’s simply time to get some moisture back into your mane.

This recipe does not use any essential oil blends; simply Lavender. It’s heavenly I promise. Try it out on your hair today!

DIY Lavender Hair Mask

3. Bug Spray

essential oils bug spray recipe

Summer doesn’t come without its perils. Mosquitos and nasty bugs are definitely one of the least-liked topics of summertime.

Fight mosquitos naturally by making your own bug repellent spray with essential oils. You’ll want to get some fine-mist spray bottles, but other than that, the ingredients are already handy from within your essential oils apothecary.

12, Amber, 1 oz Glass Bottles, with Black Fine Mist Sprayers

12, Amber, 1 oz Glass Bottles, with Black Fine Mist Sprayers
12 – 1 oz, Amber Glass Bottles, with Black Fine Mist Sprayers, and Dust caps; Perfect for essential oils, perfume oils, or other liquids.

DIY Bug Spray Recipe

4. Tropical Lip Balm

diy lip balm recipe

Sun-kissed lips need extra care – day in and day out. Make this nourishing bee balm lip balm at home and never run out of chap stick again! I’ve created mine with the summery scent of Happy Joy by Simply Earth, but you can certainly experiment with other essential oil blends as well!

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Lip Balm Recipe

5. Summer Diffuser Blends

diffuser blends for summer

Make your home smell and feel like summer instantly, using one of these fantastic essential oil diffuser blends. With names such as ‘Sunshine’, ‘Tropical Dreams’ or ‘Lemonade’, it’s easy to tell how you’ll feel after blending these… refreshingly summer-ized! ☀️ In these recipes, I’ve used summer essential oils such as refreshing peppermint oil, uplifting bergamot or sweet and flowery geranium.

Summer is my favorite time of the year! I love to spend time outside on the beach or in the park. If I can not get outside, I fill my diffuser with some of my favorite essential oils blends and let the great outdoors flow inside.

Summer Essential Oil Blends

6. Enjoy Citrus Oils with Personal Diffusers

how to use citrus essential oils

Citrus essential oils are amazing! Their aromas are fresh and uplifting, creating a good mood and bright aroma. That said, some citrus oils are also phototoxic, exposing your skin to dangers of pigmentation if used prior to sun exposure. In this article you’ll find all the info you need to safely use citrus essential oils during summer months.

For beachy vibes, don’t use them topically. Find out how to utilize personal diffusers without the need for carrier oil to immerse yourself in your favorite scents. Add your citrusy blend to your aromatherapy accessories and you’re good to go!

Citrus Oils & Photo Toxicity Guide

7. Allergies

sneezing allergy symptom

Got allergies? I got help for you! There are many essential oils for allergies available to alleviate symptoms and offer natural allergy relief. Treating symptoms by boosting your immune system and diffusing the air in your home will make a difference on the quality of your life during allergy season and reduce the affects of symptoms caused by allergies dramatically.

Essential oils are a perfect match for . Find out how!

How to Survive Allergy Season

Final Thoughts

No matter what the temperatures, you can use your essential oils! These sweet summer EO recipes will get you ready for the sunny days ahead. I hope my summer DIY’s provide some inspiration and guidance for you. For more essential oil recipes, please visit this section of my blog.

Using your oils during all four seasons is a wonderful experience in aromatherapy for your home. Please let us know which recipe you liked best in the comments below!


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