Cómo añadir aceites esenciales a la loción corporal sin perfume

How to Add Essential Oils to Unscented Body Lotion

essential oils in unscented body lotion tutorial

One of my favorite benefits to using essential oils in skin care is to customize my body lotions. In summer, I choose fresh, light scents to make me feel uplifted and energized. In winter, I choose essential oils that nourish dry skin or help treat little cracks and wounds.

Today, I want to show you how easy it is to add essential oils to body lotion. It is best to use an unscented lotion, but if you’re just trying it out, it really works with anything you have on hand. Add essential oils to products you already use can speed healing and improve the smell of your lotions.

When it comes to skin care, there is no “one size fits all” answer, since everyone’s skin is so different. But natural oils can help you get a gorgeous glow no matter what skin type. Add essential oils to your unique skin care routine to create a luxurious moisturizer or body lotion that complements your complexion.

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How to Add Essential Oils to Body Lotion

Taking charge of your skin care routine is one of the easiest way I’ve found to reap the benefits of essential oils. The knowledge of aromatherapy lets you customize your skin care lotions to suit your particular skin’s needs.

Not only do oils smell delicious, they are also so nourishing for your skin! Instead of buying commercial lotions, I only use my own body creams and lotions now. Not only because essential oils are one of my favorite body products of all time – but because my skin loves the treatment so much!

The easiest way is to simply start with an unscented lotion base and adding your own choice of essential oils.

Use Unscented Body Lotion Base

Lucky for us, there are many unscented lotion base products available. Look for a quality product with ingredients such as aloe vera or shea butter – both of which are exquisite for smooth skin!

unscented body lotion base for essential oils

Unscented Body Lotion Base
Get it here

  1. Choose an unscented lotion base
  2. Transfer the whole contents to a glass container of choice
  3. Add essential oils in a 2% dilution rate (table with numbers of drops below)
  4. Scoop the lotion back into its original container
  5. Enjoy!
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Making a lotion from scratch is a bit complex (though worth the effort). To learn more about making lotions from scratch, I recommend reading Making Aromatherapy Creams & Lotions: 101 Natural Formulas to Revitalize & Nourish Your Skin.

Common Body Lotion Container Sizes and 2% Dilution Rates for Essential Oils

Lotion Bottle Size:

  • 1 oz: Add 18 drops
  • 2 oz: Add 36 drops
  • 4 oz: Add 72 drops
  • 8 oz: Add 144 drops

Mix Small Batches Of Lotion On the Fly

An even simpler way to enjoy essential oils in your body lotion is to simply add the oils on the fly. This means, you scoop out as much unscented lotion as you think you’ll need for your body, add essential oils, and enjoy. Sometimes, this all happens in the palm of my hand. Sometimes, I use a small glass container for a full-body rub. I’ve found that I need about 3-4 tablespoons of unscented lotion to nourish my whole body and give my skin a little tightening boost when applying it after a shower.

  • 2 tbsp: Add 18 drops
  • 4 tbsp: Add 36 drops
  • 6 tbsp: Add 54 drops

Best Essential Oils for Body Lotion

It’s super easy to create your own essential oil lotion. We deserve to be pampered and spoiled every day of the year! Simple aromatherapy recipes are quick and easy to make with minimal ingredients.

Use Ready-Made Blends

adding essential oils to unscented lotion

Use an unscented lotion base and add your favorite essential oil blend.

Adding essential oils to lotion products is easy! Pick a favorite ready-made essential oil blend and simply us that to add to your body lotion. My favorites are:

sun kissed blend from plant therapy

Sun Kissed Essential Oil Blend
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Make Your Custom Blend

For the ultimate customized skin care routine, choose essential oils to help you with your specific skin concerns. For example:

Don’t be afraid to experiment with making your own blends. I have tips and techniques for blending listed here. You can experiment with different oils to make scents or to make a cream for a specific purpose (such as for combination skin, acne, or to protect your skin in cold weather).

All-natural products that have wonderful scents are far gentler on the skin. Plus: essential oil lotions are safe, but not expensive. Just make sure to use a reputable essential oil brand so you’re putting quality oils on your skin and body.



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