Los 9 mejores aceites esenciales para los hematomas

The 9 Best Essential Oils for Bruises

Did you know that essential oils can be useful in treating bruises?

If you’ve hit your arm or leg (or any other part of your body) on a solid object, you may start showing signs of a blue-green purple bruise.

Most of the time, you’ll know it has happened, and you’ll want to look for a home remedy for your bruise as fast as you can. Essential oils can help your bruise heal faster and relieve the pain associated with your injury.

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essential oils for bruises

Better than leaving it that way on your body, head over to your EO cabinet and mix up a bruise relief blend for yourself. This practical guide on the best essential oils for bruising injuries will help you get started.

What Worked For Me

I recently hit my thigh on our kitchen table as hard as you can imagine. I immediately knew this was going to be one big fat bruise all over my leg!

At that time, I had just mixed up the Relief Massage Oil from Simply Earth’s monthly subscription box. It is a blend of Rosemary, Juniper Berry, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Copaiba essential oils. It relieves aches and pains, swelling and bruises.

Since I quickly had this mix on hand, ready and diluted in Sweet Almond carrier oil, I grabbed it and lathered it on. I was hoping for mainly the pain relief part, but the oil also helped to keep the discoloration of my leg in check.

For the first few days, the bruise didn’t even really turn blue or purple, it just sort-of ached and remained mostly skin-color and maybe lightly green.

As the pain would surge, I would quickly grab my bottle of Relief oil and lather it on some more. I probably used it 4-5 times per day.

Within 2-3 days, the bruise did turn lightly pink and purple, but it was less large than I had expected. It also hurt a lot less and I kept using my Relief potion as needed.

The bruise was almost completely gone again within 6-7 days. I kept using the oil until about day 14, to get rid of the remaining tenderness and “tough to the touch” feeling in my muscles.

relief essential oil blend

Relief Blend from Simply Earth
Get it here

I have to say, I am not 20 any more, and for some things, my body takes quite some time to heal. Scars, bruises, little cuts and scrapes… they all seem to take forever for my body to heal.

But not this one! In this case, when I immediately used the Relief blend on my injury, it helped me from start to finish. It relieved my pain, it made the swelling go down, and it minimized how large the bruise got.

From my personal experience, I can highly recommend the Relief oil from Simply Earth. It is available for purchase on their website for just under $15.

You’ll want to mix it up and have it ready to go at a 2% dilution in a small amber bottle. In a 2 oz. bottle (like this one), use 30 drops of Relief blend, then top off the bottle with Sweet Almond carrier oil.

Ok, now that my personal story is out of the way, let’s have a look at the best single essential oils for bruises, and why they work.

How To Use Essential Oils for Bruises

essential oils for bruised body parts

If you have nasty bruises, you’ll simply want to massage or rub an essential oil blend onto the sores for a quick recovery.

If you want to use essential oil to treat your bruise, choose a suitable carrier oil to blend it with. Don’t use essential oils undiluted on your skin! Blend them into a carrier oil of choice. If you don’t have a Sweet Almond or Jojoba handy, simple Olive Oil out of the kitchen cupboard will do! Don’t put essential oils directly onto your skin, as they could cause skin irritations and burning. Always dilute with a carrier oil.

For additional health benefits, St. John’s Wort carrier oil is mostly recommended for bruises.

Apply your essential oil blend at least 2-3 times daily. For quicker results, or if you’re in pain and wish for more relief, apply 4-5 times daily. Keep using your mixture daily until injuries and inflammations are healed completely.

Herb Pharm St. John
Herb Pharm St. John’s Wort Topical Oil – 1 Ounce
Extracted into certified organic cold-pressed Olive oil.; Designed for topical use.

While I’m usually a fan of roller bottle blends, I don’t think they’re the best application for bruises. You usually need a bigger amount of oil to treat bruises, and roller bottles have quite a small roller bottle top. I prefer mixing a massage blend into a 1 oz container (such as these ones here), and keep it ready to go for bruises, sore muscles, or other body pains and aches.

Relief Blend

9 Best Essential Oils for Bruises

1. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosmarinus officinalis

In 2013, research (1) showed that Rosemary essential oil contains antioxidants and other volatile oils beneficial in handling bruises and other health conditions.

Another study (2) organized in 2017 stated that Rosemary extracts could be used in the treatment of various ailments including sprains and bruises. Not only does it slow inflammation, it can also help to relieve pain associated with bruising.

2. Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum italicum

According to a publication by ResearchGate (3), Helchrystim essential oil can lessen discomforts of bruises since due to its palliative and soothing effects. It contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties capable of healing injuries and bruises. Moreover, it can reduce the sizes and shapes of bruises due to its anti-hematomal properties

Another name for this aromatherapy oil is ‘immortelle’ or ‘everlasting’. Everlasting oil has a strong yet gentle smell.

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3. Turmeric Essential Oil

Curcuma longa

This essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties capable of relieving pain and enhancing a faster healing process.

A publication by the International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (4) explained how turmeric essential oil can be applied in treating soft tissue injuries. This would be injuries such as bumps and bruises (contusions), minor strains, or small tears of muscles ligaments and tendons near joints, all of which can cause swellings on the affected areas.

4. Yarrow Essential Oil

Achillea millefolium

Yarrow is an essential oil capable of handling bruises of all types.

According to a journal published in 2018 titled, “The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine” volume 31, 2018 – Issue 1, (5), the efficacy and potency of yarrow essential oil was assessed for treating bruises as combined with St. John’s Worth carrier oil. The study affirmed that a proper blend of these two natural oils could help in healing the injuries faster.

5. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Melaleuca alternifolia

Tea tree essential oil is well-known for its antiseptic effects, and it helps in reducing inflammations as well.

Before using this oil, apply ice on the affected part of the body and leave it there for some minutes. At that point, gently rub the ointment onto the skin. Repeat treatment at least two to three times each day for optimal healing effect.

6. Frankincense Essential Oil

Boswellia serrata

Frankincense essential oil is extracted from Boswellia plants. The plant is known for having anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in relieving bruises, sore muscles, and spasms.

Experts have confirmed that it is one of the best oils for bruises especially if combined with turmeric. According to research carried out in 2013 and published in the International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol 5, Issue 1, 2013. (10) The study titled, “Efficacy and Tolerability of an Essential Oil Formulation Containing Oil of Boswellia Serrata and Curcuma Longa in Patients with Acute Soft Tissue Injuries: A Randomized, Open Label, Pilot Study,” examined the healing and aromatic potentials of this mixture by applying it on the skin of persons with bruises.

7. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavandula officinalis

If you have Lavender essential oil ready, use it immediately after the injury occurred. You may be able to prevent the appearance of bruises and blisters due to inflammations.

According to a publication in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (7), constant application of Lavender oil brings relief and healing to women’s perineum after child delivery.

It is also one of the top recommended oils for back pain.

Use a few drops of Lavender in a warm compress, or rub onto the area where the bruises occur after diluting with a carrier oil.

8. Arnica Essential Oil

Arnica essential oil is the extract from Arnica Montana, which is its botanical name too. This is an orangish and yellowish flowering plant found in the highlands of Siberia and European mountainous regions. Experts often call it mountain daisy, and you can apply the oil on bruises, inflammations, muscular sores, and other skin discolorations.

A study organized by a group of professionals in 2016 (8) emphasized that Aarnica essential oil is relevant in handling postoperative injuries and ecchymosis. Again, homeopathic medical practitioners use this ointment in treating their patients.

9. Wormwood Essential Oil

Artemisia absinthium

Many traditional societies used wormwood essential oil in handling bruises and other injuries.

A recent publication by the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research (9) stated that wormwood oil is beneficial in alleviating inflammations arising from bruises, healing other forms of skin discolorations, and muscular discomforts.

St. John’s Wort Carrier Oil

Hypericum perforatum

We’ve been talking a lot about diluting essential oils prior to use. While any carrier oil of choice will work, St. John’s Wort carrier oil brings along its own set of healing properties.

A report published on ‘The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine’ in 2018 (6) showed how to blend St. John’s Wort with Yarrow essential oil before applying to the bruises happening to women during child delivery. It provided pain relief and comfort to the subjects in the study.

Additionally, it is ideal for using it on every other form of injury to lessen inflammations and heal the bruises quickly.

Herb Pharm St. John
Herb Pharm St. John’s Wort Topical Oil – 1 Ounce
Extracted into certified organic cold-pressed Olive oil.; Designed for topical use.

Final Thoughts

bruised arm

Bruises typically show a purple reddish color

Do you want to minimize the appearance of bruises on your body after an injury occurs?

Getting a bruise is now fun! It hurts, and it can look quite unsightly. Depending on the color of your skin, you may notice different colorations such as brown, yellow, dark, and even red patches as part of your bruise. The discoloration is due to hypodermic blood clotting that forms in your body if you mistakenly collide with objects.

If you’re unsure about the medicine of plants, I can only encourage you to try it out. It is a natural, effective home remedy alternative to treating bruises and swelling.

Gently rub your essential oils onto the affected parts of your body, about 4-5 times daily until the discolorations dissolve and disappear. If at this stage, you are left with scars, use these best 11 natural oils for scars.

Of course, if you had a severe crash, or severe pain, consult your doctor or head in to emergency. Essential oils are home remedies for minor ailments only.

Now, are you ready to give your skin a natural treatment after a nasty bruise? Blend your own oils with the recommendations above, or get the Relief blend from Simply Earth as a quick-fix that worked magic for my own recent bruise.

I hope you’ve learned how to blend your essential oils with carrier oils, and feel confident in treating your injured skin properly.

Heal well,


P.S. My husband also used this oil on his sore forearms from hard and long working days, and he also reported a difference in how much pain and discomfort he felt. The scent isn’t strongly feminine or overly masculine, so it does work well for both genders.

Relief Blend


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