OddsMonkey Review: Trusted by thousands of users in 2022

OddsMonkey Review: Trusted by thousands of users in 2022

Let’s start this Oddsmonkey review by getting to know this company and how everything started. Remember, we would recommend only the products which we used and we think are going to bring real value to our readers. So, starting with the beginning, Oddsmonkey.com was founded by Paul King in 2011 and was very much a part-time project for over four years focusing on supplying odds matching software to other matched betting companies. After the 2016 revamp, OddsMonkey became a fully subscription based service which now provides support, training, guides, daily offers and an impressive array of matched betting tools. 

One the most important tools any matched bettor needs is the Oddsmatcher – you can open an account for free right here and now. 

With the free trial, any matched betting newbie has the necessary level of access to take advantage of their tools and offers and can expect to make around £63 profit. This will be enough to pay for itself (1 months of premium subscription – £19.99). 

OddsMonkey.com offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you find that their service isn’t for you​. They’ll provide a refund for any reason – the only condition is that the request is emailed before the end of the 30th day of Premium membership.

First Impression of OddsMonkey.com 

At first glance, we really like their dashboard design & utility and for sure you can see that they aim to provide the best value for their customers; Their service offers a range of tools, such as acca finder, each way calculator, bookmakers sign up offer guides, matched betting advanced calculators and all of them are included with their subscription – an important aspect considered for our OddsMonkey review process.

Currently, they have a portfolio of 60+ signup offers from different bookmakers and 35+ casino & bingo signup offers explained. Also, they have a daily & weekly offers section where you can find any available offer explained with the adjacent potential profit.

Even with the free signup, you will get access to some of their guides that are concisely written, making them easy to follow once you have faith in the matched betting process. Also, their library of materials will contain video guides, but keep in mind that most of those are accessible with the premium membership.

Another aspect we considered for our reviews, and is the same for 2020 Oddsmonkey review, the quality and smoothness of the guides. Their list of bonuses, sign-ups, and offers guides is well-researched, with a friendly design and intuitive for most part. Also, the sports betting offers hub is well structured by offer type and level of difficulty.

OddsMonkey Tools

The range of matched betting tools is probably the biggest selling point for OddsMonkey, especially as they are all included with Premium membership, no additional charges.

OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher

As mentioned before, an oddsmatcher is one of the most important tools used for matched betting. It compares the back odds at various bookmakers to the lay odds for the same bet on betting exchanges and rates them based on how good the match is.

The range of sports covered by their oddsmatcher is the best currently available with markets for football, basketball, cricket, tennis, horse racing, hockey, rugby, american football, darts, esports; also covers all the bookmakers you can think of and the main exchange markets. 

It has the standard match rating and users can set minimum and maximum values as well as setting their own range of odds to search by, minimum exchange liquidity and relative time, from now up to 2 months ahead.

The filter’s flexibility is really good – you can choose to exclude bookmakers, sports betting exchange markets, events, time frame, basically, anything you want is there. Another nice feature is the ability to set email alerts for specific matches, for instance, a 97% match at odds on football only for Smarkets exchange. 

Another useful feature with Oddsmonkey oddsmatcher is their integrated calculator which automatically calculates the lay stake for your selected event. The calculator has options for using a normal qualifying bet, free bet SNR, free bet SR and risk-free bet. Both the match information and calculator contain links to the bookmaker and exchange websites and in some instances are deep links to the market or bet slip.

Using this tool along with the integrated calculator can be really easy, especially for a beginner which already covered the basics and the matched betting jargon. We believe that is one of the most reliable odds matching software available and after you have had a couple of encounters with it will become your “best friend”.

Also, a great feature within the integrated calculator is the log bet function which automatically transfers all the important fields to the Profit Tracker making your life much much easier.

Racing Matcher

Horse racing matcher and tennis matcher provide matches based on individual offer criteria. It’s a great concept and quick way to look for suitable matches on an offer by offer basis or race by race basis. 

The horse racing matcher was designed to filter out any race that didn’t have an offer on them, and filters out all of the bookmakers that aren’t running promotions on each race too; this means that you can find horse racing matches with ease – which translates as value for your time; the real money from reload offers are made with these 2 tools. (Another star added to our Oddsmonkey review)

Acca Finder

If you don’t know what an Acca is, please feel free to have a read at our matched betting basic article: “What are Accumulator Bets?”.Acca insurance offers are one of the consistent money sources for everyday matched bettors and OddsMonkey have created a number of tools to help them out by simplifying the process and removing the unnecessary spreadsheets and do it yourself calculations. 

On selecting a bet with Acca Finder, there’s the option to change methods, with standard lay sequential, lay all at start, lock-in and to use sequential with a free bet. The acca shows the financial implications of the various outcomes and the expected value and qualifying loss for the chosen method. 

Oddsmonkey Acca Finder

Also, you can filter the Acca offers by bookmaker and once you placed your bets you can save it and even set up email alerts for your next sport event included in your chosen acca insurance offer.

Each Way Matcher

Each way matcher is an advanced tool for experienced matched bettors which is designed to exploit the difference in place terms between bookmaker and exchange.This tool is without a doubt the biggest benefit of OddsMonkey subscription. 

‘Extra place’ races are when bookmakers offer you 5 places each way instead of 4. Sometimes, they’ll be more generous and offer you 6, or 7, or maybe even 8 places on really massive events, for example in the UK is the Grand National.

With matched betting, you can exploit these extra place offers and gain considerable payouts on these races for minimal risk, if your horse lands in the additional or ‘extra’ place. Thanks to the each way matcher, you can cover the entire field of horses – or close to it – to guarantee that a horse of yours lands in an additional place.

The OddsMonkey did a great job with their eachway matcher tool by highlighting which races will be affected if the number of runners is reduced by one and also what are the risks associated with non-runners and withdrawals.

Keep in mind, each way races aren’t for matched betting newcomers, and you should be fully comfortable with the matched betting process and have built your bankroll to a reasonable level before attempting exploiting these types of offers. 

We recommend reading our full article about what is a each way matcher, our tips to use them and what are the risks of starting before having the proper knowledge and the correct bankroll.

Dutcher Matcher

For our OddsMonkey review, we needed to cover the dutch matcher tool. This dutching searcher aid compares bookmakers odds for two and three-way markets. The tool has a number of configurable options which is essential as in default state it returns matches from non-UK licensed bookmakers. 

We advise creating your own filter, with your desired bookmakers. Also, the tool can be set to provide alerts and as the oddsmatcher you can log in your profit directly & easy to profit tracker tool. 

OddsMonkey Dutch Matcher

Using the events highlighted by the dutch matcher can help you to look like more of a mug bettor at various bookies at the same time, and it can actually help you to create arbitrage opportunities too. The dutching software can be really handy when you want to diminish your qualifying loss necessary for reload offers.

Profit Tracker

You can log your unsettled bets, tick them off as complete once they’re done, calculate your profits automatically and – for the analytical folks out there – you can run reports based on your profits in certain timeframes to compare your progress and success.

When you first open the Profit Tracker, you’ll have the option to add your previous matched betting profits, so if you want it to track how much you’ve made overall then you can simply add it in that way. 

And if you use the oddsmatcher along with betting exchange integration you can use the log in button which automatically logs the event details and potential profit. We highly recommend it because it’s a useful tool, especially for a matched bettor beginner.

Betting Exchange Integration

The exchange integration, for Smarkets and Betfair Exchange, that Oddsmonkey has introduced makes things efficient and easier. Basically, you can lay bets on your chosen sports betting exchange market directly on Oddsmonkey site without you needing to log in.

Also, this feature introduces the automatically calculated lay stakes, you donn’t have to input any figures (well, except for changing your back stake) and you don’t even have to log in to your exchange account everytime– it’s just one simple set up right at the start.

Oddsmonkey Info Calculator with Exchange Integration

On the calculator, you then input your back stake (the stake you bet at the bookmaker). The odds from the bookie and the exchange will already be present in the calculator, so you don’t need to manually enter them yourself.

It will automatically lay your bet based on the odds and stakes shown in the calculator and if the odds changes you will be asked if you still want to place the bet. This integration is going to make your life easier no matter if you are a regular matched bettor or a beginner.

Oddsmonkey App

OddsMonkey mobile app is really good for general navigation of the website, watching video guides and reading text articles. However, with the exception of the stand-alone calculator, the other tools are quite tricky to be used on a smaller screen. The tools are much better on tablets which could make useful second screens for your matched betting experience. 

Customer Support & OddsMonkey Forum

Oddsmonkey provides support seven days a week up until 7pm. Sunday to Monday from 9am. Contact can be made by submitting a support ticket online or by posting a question in the forum. There is a dedicated Support forum to get an official response which can be very quick at times but often takes 10-20 minutes to receive a reply. (They have 4.7 stars on TrustPilot)

Oddsmonkey forum dashboard

The community (forum) is quite active and posts in other categories will often get responses from helpful members. Is a great place to share ideas and definitely we recommend sharing your experience, especially mistakes. This way everyone can learn and you can discuss where you didn’t pay enough attention or what went wrong. (Another star for them in our Oddsmonkey review)

Also, the Oddsmonkey forum is a great way to discuss the tutorials, product guides and general matched betting tips. Can be used as a major part of your training process and there are plenty of well-written articles which serve their purpose well. (Not as good as ours, of course). 


OddsMonkey.com has historically been best known for its Oddsmatcher software, but, deserves recognition for the quality of training materials, their responsive support and forum, for their intuitive and easy to navigate dashboard design and of course their range of useful tools.

OddsMonkey software has strengths and weaknesses, like any other provider in the matched betting industry, but few matched betting websites can make genuine claims to offer a better suite of tools. The racing matcher and each way matcher are good additions and will help keep your bankroll increasing if you are using them wisely. The accumulator tools will also help members make money.

The training articles are easy to follow and most newcomers should have no trouble understanding what to do and how to use their tools. We highly recommend the company for your matched betting journey, and we strongly believe that they offer (probably) the best value premium matched betting membership in the entire industry. 

All in all, OddsMonkey.com provides a lot of features for a relatively small price at £19.99 per month or £150 per year. Take advantage and sign up for a free trial today, just clicking below.

Please feel free to leave us a comment. We really appreciate your feedback and share this post if you think a friend or a buddy can take advantage of this OddsMonkey Review material.

Thank you, Everyday Betting team.

Author: David Jenkins